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Datenform Aram Bartholl

08.04.2011 | 18:45

Dom Omladine

Offline networks

Aram Bartholl is a Berlin-based architect. He worked as a freelancer for world-renowned institutes such as IEB Berlin and Fraunhofer Institut FOCUS.

His installations and performances have been on display at numerous festivals, museum and gallery shows worldwide. Aram Bartholl is a member of the "Urban Media Salon" Berlin and the NYC-based "Free Art & Technology Lab" a.k.a. "F.A.T. Lab." Aram Bartholl shares his impressions on street art, games, privacy, copyright and neoanalogue culture at Datenform.de. In his installations, workshops and performances, Bartholl thematizes the relationships between net data space and everyday life. In a series of physical objects recreated from digital space and light installations, he questions the technology driven society and the tension between online and offline space. Workshops, interventions and performances play a central role in his interest to create offline social platforms and situations to discuss day to day life in the era of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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Aram Bartholl




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