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Désirée Željka Milošević

08.04.2011 | 16:45

Dom Omladine

The fairy Cyber-tale of Internet Governace

Désirée Zeljka Miloshevic is an Internet public servant, and was a special advisor to the chair of the United Nations' Internet Governance Forum Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group.

Additionally she is Senior Public Policy and International Affairs Advisor in Europe for Afilias, the domain name registry. Ms Miloshevic studied English Literature at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology before starting her internet career at the newly-formed British service provider Demon Internet in 1993.

Afilias is the world’s leading provider of Internet infrastructure solutions that connect people to their data. Whether you need to connect to your domain name, the DNS, or RFID data, Afilias’ technology connects you in a reliable, secure, stable, and globally available manner.


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Désirée Željka Milošević




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