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Joost Rekveld

09.04.2011 | 15:45

Dom Omladine

Speculative Machines

Joost Rekveld is an experimental filmmaker turned generative artist.

He will be speaking about the themes underlying and unifying his practice in film, installations, theatre and software. These themes draw connections between the histories of optics and perception, experimental cinema and second-order cybernetics. They are a springboard for a dreamy vision of machines not as tools bound to our will for power or to manufactured desires, but as partners in a dialogue about the world.

His interest in the spatial aspects of light triggered a shift from the screen towards more architectural and theatrical forms of work. Now he is becoming increasingly implicated in activities that resemble cybernetics, artificial life and robotic architecture. Besides his artistic work he is also active as a curator and teacher.

His films have been shown at numerous festivals and venues for experimental, animated or short films. He has also collaborated on theatre projects, often with dance group Emio Greco|PC or music theatre ensemble De Veenfabriek. He has been putting together many programmes about the history of abstract animation and light art, culminating in the 9th edition of Sonic Acts: Sonic Light 2003. In 2004, he curated "4D in the Filmmuseum" a large exhibition, series of screenings and lectures for the Dutch Filmmuseum. Joost Rekveld is the head of the ArtScience Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy in The Hague.


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Joost Rekveld




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