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Tailored Communication Melissa Taylor

07.04.2011 | 15:30

Dom Omladine

Melissa Taylor is the founder and sole owner of Tailored Communications, a leading independent music promotion agency, respected and recommended through out the industry.

Tailored was founded in Berlin in January 2006, on the principles of the Slow movement, but has its roots in London going back to the turn of the millenium. Melissa has worked in electronic music for nearly a decade with some of the UKs most respected companies. She also served as in-house press officer for Fabric London Ltd for four years.

The range of music she has represented covers every part of the underground scene, from completely unknown electronic artists to high profile touring bands and DJs. Having been part of the team that created and launched Simple Records, she has a strong understanding of the needs and problems of independent imprints. Trained at Slice PR after University, she has worked successful national press campaigns for mainstream acts and well-known labels (including Moloko, Attica Blues, Sir Norman Jay, Ostgut Ton, Monika Enterprise and Simple Records). She also has numerous freelance writing credits as music journalist.

EMC - EXIT music conference


Melissa will talk about the experience of running one of the most successful underground music-oriented PR agencies.


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Melissa Taylor




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