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08.04.2011 | 23:00

Dom Omladine

If you are looking for an international star of the future, one contender and serious talent is Pyztek from Zagreb, Croatia. Small but deadly, this Croatian DJ stayed consistent in embracing tech house, house and disco personal flavored sounds.

His already sent him out to opening Dance Arena on Exit, London, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Munich, Vienna, Milan, Serbia, Belgrade, Toulouse to name a few. Pytzek and longtime friend and now business partner Sergej Lugovic´ have collaborated on many successful projects but a stand out chapter in 2009 was Porat club on the Croatian coast in Pirovac where fine art meets cutting edge music, took place in a Natural Park where the summer dose of house-techno-drum & bass music appeared on everyone’s must do list...featured stirling press and support from the likes of Mixmag, DJ with IDJ - it was proclaimed the best international place to dance.


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