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Import and use of surveillance equipment: the case of Trovicor

In the Wikileaks documents, Serbia was among the countries where representatives of the companies who sell surveillance equipment were located and it is believed that someone in Serbia has bought FinFisher/FinSpy software, which can be used for surveillance of electronic communications. In our previous article, Share Defense has pointed out at Serbian legislation and possible abuses of these instruments.


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You are not alone, Mr President!

On the occasion of the Day of Secure Internet and the fight against mass surveillance of our electronic communications, February 11th - The day we fight back ( - SHARE Foundation - SHARE Defense is addressing an open letter to the President of the Republic of Serbia:


Dear President Nikolic,


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Serbian Internet wars: fighting memes with copyright

In order to establish who is responsible for the attempts of censorship and limiting free exchange of content on the Internet during last weekend, Share Foundation filed a criminal complaint against responsible persons in a company called “Matricom”, the official representative of “KVZ Music” for Serbia. “KVZ Music” is a Bulgarian company registered in Austria which made the requests for the removal of the content from Internet platforms.

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Censorship continued by “all means”: the hacking of CINS website

Serbia, 2013. A democratic country. Freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. Citizens free to think and share their thoughts. Journalists free to investigate and report and the media free to publish information.

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33 organizations demand that Serbia supports the UN Resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age


The United Nations General Assembly's Human Rights Committee unanimously approved a Resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age on Tuesday. The Resolution was proposed because of the revelations of unlawful mass surveillance of electronic communications. The adoption of the Resolution means that it should pass the whole General Assembly in December. Although General Assembly resolutions aren't legally binding, they still have political significance.

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Share Defense calls upon Serbia to protect privacy against unchecked Internet surveillance

Today Share Defense joins a huge international coalition in calling upon Serbia to assess whether national surveillance laws and activities are in line with their international human rights obligations.

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“Day D” for digitalisation

The Republic Broadcasting Agency of Serbia (RBA) is to make a decision regarding the unoccupied frequency that used to be licensed to TV “Avala”. Regardless of when the decision is going to be made, it will finally be known whether the unoccupied frequency is going to be used for digitalisation or the RBA Council is again going to vote on assigning the analogue frequency to a national broadcaster.

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Share Boat

Share Boat: Workshop on Fighting Surveillance & Round Table on the regional perspectives of online media

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SHARE Defense and EFF Visualizing Google's Transparency Report

First, let us shortly introduce you to our new family member – SHARE Defense, and then present you our first collaboration project with the famous Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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About Share Defense

SHARE Defense is a part of Share Foundation established with a goal to fight for the public’s interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights within the fields of privacy, free speech, government transparency and efficiency, surveillance and human rights and to promote the positive values of openness, decentralization, and free access to the exchange of knowledge, information and technology. In long term our goal is to fight to obtain sustainability of free and decentralized Internet and implement standards of human rights in digital environment.

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