surveillanceprivacyaction 16. 12. 2013.

Your vote against mass surveillance

Dear Citizens of the Internet

The Internet needs your help.

The moment has come to once again show how much we care about the freedom of the Internet and to fight for our right to privacy in the digital age.
Mass surveillance has gone too far and it must be stopped. Privacy is a human right and we demand it to be respected on the Internet as well.

Give your vote against mass surveillance, sign this petition and  join the fight the Internet. Be a part of a global movement, join hundreds of thousands of Internet citizens who want to use this opportunity to influence international organizations, national governments and Internet companies.


We learned a valuable lesson in the past year: Digital surveillance by world governments knows no bounds. Their national intelligence and other investigative agencies can capture our phone calls, track our location, peer into our address books, and read our emails. They do this often in secret, without adequate public oversight, and in violation of our human rights.
In the past year more than 300 international organizations, including the SHARE Foundation, has taken a joint stand against unauthorized electronic surveillance, by supporting 13 international principles of human rights in the digital age, in a process led by Privacy International, Access and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

These International principles spell out how the existing human rights law applies to modern digital surveillance and the support it has received speaks of the growing consent on a global level that massive surveillance has gone too far. Therefore, SHARE Defenese - SHARE Foundation, as a part of an international coalition, summons all citizens of the Internet to demand the respect of privacy and an end to mass surveillance by signing these International principles.

Privacy is a human right and  we want it to be respected online as well.

Kind regards,

SHARE Defense - SHARE Foundation