Censorship in the Digital Age

Slava Mogutin

Censorship in the Digital Age

Because of his outspoken writings on gay issues in Russia, which led to anonymous death threats and made him a favourite media target, Slava Mogutin was forced to leave his native country and go to New York in 1995, where he was granted political asylum as a result of queer activism. Upon his arrival in New York, Slava shifts his focus on visual arts even though he is primarily a writer.

Urban youth subcultures and adolescent sexuality; the clash of social norms and individual desires; transgressive, radical expressions of masculinity and gender crossover; cultural alienation and political discontent; the tension between attachment and loneliness, violence and love are just some of the themes Slava’s works encompass.

He still proudly calls himself a Pinko Commie Fag. Slava uses his blog to promote other young queer artists and all the artists who cross boundaries and criticize the current use of power.

photo © by Bruce LaBruce


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