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Linux u praksi

Ubuntu local community in Serbia has existed for seven years now. It is the most important, the largest and the most prominent community in Serbia that is engaged in FLOSS solutions.

Apart from the promotion of Linux, one of the key assignments of this community is the localization of Ubuntu and its derivates to Serbian language in both letters. The community also provides 24/7 software support to its users via portal, forum, IRC channel and mailing list.
The lecturers on this year’s Share conference are Bojan Bogdanović i Ladislav Urošević.

  • Panel: Peek & Poke
    Share Rijeka 2013

  • Katitza Rodriguez
    Share Rijeka 2013

  • Share Belgrade 2011

  • Pytzek
    Share Belgrade 2011

  • Daniel Domscheit-Berg
    Share Belgrade 2012

  • Corinne Bou Aoun
    Share Beirut 2012